Damer -Clear Lemon

Rich Dairy Products India Pvt. Ltd. comes up with Richyaaa Damer Clear Lemon. And it is categorized as “Carbonated Soft Drink”
Richyaaa Damer Clear Lemon drinks act as an energy carbonated drink. It gives an excellent source of energy to the body and makes you chill. After all the research in the field of fruit drink manufacturing, we have chosen the best of the best in ingredients, concentrated juices, and aromas to provide it a distinct natural character. The lemon used in the processing of Richyaaa Damer Clear Lemon Flavor Drink is sourced from the best orchards.

Product Description

Richyaaa Damer Clear lemon concentrate contains between 5% and 6% of citric acid and that’s the reason for its sour taste. Preparation under highly hygienic conditions, this drink satisfies all kind of age groups.

Damer Clear Lemon drink Made out of best and choicest selection of tasty Lemon & available in packs of 200ml & 600ml pet Bottles.

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